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John Jordan

Art Activism

John Jordan’s work merges the imagination of art and the social engagement of politics. He applies creativity directly to social movements, acts of rebellion and disobedience and is much more at home with notions of art as transforming process than representation. Co-director of social practice art group Platform (1987-1995) he then went on to be a co-founder of the infamous cultural resistance collective “Reclaim the Streets” (1995-2000). He has written and lectured extensively about the space between art and activism, including at the Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona and the Tate Modern, London. In 2003 he co-edited the book "We Are Everywhere: the irresistible rise of global anticapitalism" a Verso bestseller and now translated in 7 languages. He was senior lecturer in fine art at Sheffield Hallam University from 1994 until 2003, when ran away from academia to go to Argentina after the popular uprisings there, to work on the film "The Take" with Naomi Klein. In 2002 he stupidly set up the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) which toured the UK leading up to the 2005 G8 summit in Scotland. He has now gone AWOL from CIRCA but it continues to be part of the iconography of  the alter-globalisation movements.  He is presently working on the Camp for Climate Action – a temporary self managed ecovillage and direct action base -  and co-writing (with the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination)  a book and fictional road movie project set in Utopian communities in Europe.